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In 2010, we set out on a bold fundraising effort to advance Montana State University even further into the top tier of the nation's public teaching and research universities.

At the time, I said the work of building a great and enduring institution was an “everybody in” proposition. We called you to come together like never before. We titled this endeavor What It Takes—The Campaign for Montana State University.

Now, as we come to the end of this campaign—in our 125th anniversary year—we are overcome with gratitude for all of you who answered the “It Takes You” call to rise up and deliver on our promise of excellence to our students and to create a vibrant, sustainable university for the future.

With your enthusiastic embrace, you demonstrated time and again what it took to realize the campaign goal a full two and a half years ahead of schedule—and to advance ever forward, exceeding all expectations and making What It Takes the most successful private fundraising campaign in Montana’s history. For this, you have my profound and enduring thanks.

The pages that follow are meant to provide a glimpse of the extraordinary outcomes of your generosity. There are highlights, details and a few select stories intended to give you a taste of how the campaign affected both beneficiaries and benefactors. You will find that in every crevice and corner of your university, you made a difference.

It took your investment in people. We had a vision for our future that hinged on a single powerful ambition: to provide our students and faculty members with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

It took your investment in places. To further position MSU as a dynamic learning environment, we said we needed a campus where students and faculty can interact, where facilities are integrated for collaboration and where every learner is free to pursue research, discovery and creative activity.

It took your investment in programs. We said that to attract the best students and provide a world-class education, we must deliver enhanced learning opportunities, access to the most advanced thinking and a stronger connection to the global community.

You have invested in the future and have made what started as a dream into a reality. With your support and investment in the people, places and programs of Montana State University, we have established the MSU of the future. Together, we have created smarter, healthier communities, have built a better Montana and have shaped the future the world needs now.

This is what it took. It took you.


Waded Cruzado
President, Montana State University